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Monday, 27 May 2013

Blossom galore at Southwaite Green

A wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday is following two days of perfect sunshine, when it was warm enough to sit outside and even enjoy a barbecue for Sunday lunch. 

Suddenly it has warmed enough for the trees to burst into leaf, and the crab apple trees in the woodland are blossoming for the first time, following the last of the wild cherry and bird cherry bloom.  It is a beautiful sight, in pink and white, completely covering the still small trees.

It looks like it might be a bumper year for fruit, if we get even a reasonable summer.  Along with the apples, cherry and pear trees and soft fruit bushes are laden with blossom and now even tiny fruitlets.  Blooming so late may turn out to be a bit advantage, as it is unlikely now that late frosts can affect them.

The daffodils have just finished flowering, about a month late, and have been magnificent.  Perhaps the late cold spell killed a lot of the slugs that might otherwise have damaged them?

In the yard, everything is now growing like crazy, even the climbers that have been so difficult to establish.  I am hoping that this year it will be a riot of colour and scent round the cottages.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

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